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There are several reasons an estate sale may be a necessary:

After the passing of a loved one, the surviving family may need the contents of the home to be liquidated before the sale of the home.

The owner is downsizing or moving into a retirement community and needs the contents sold and/or stored.

The owners have decided to travel (and maybe buy an RV to live and travel in) after they have retired instead of keeping a large home or storing the contents.

A couple gets married, each owning a home, and realize they have too many possessions to fit into one single home.

Many other circumstances happen to people, such as financial issues and divorce, which create a need to liquidate a large amount of the contents of their home.

Let us help you make the transition.

Please give me a call to discuss your estate sale needs. Susan Blount 251-284-4333. Call for a consultation!!


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